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Beyond our comprehensive acting and musical theatre classes, we offer additional opportunities for enrichment and growth throughout the GTA.

Celebrating success and offering personalized guidance in performing arts

In the Spring of 2023, we entered our very first competition with our Grease production program and came home with first place overall. The confidence and skills that our young performers showed both in and out of their musical theatre classes and acting classes spoke volumes this past year.

Are you looking for private coaching for an art school audition, a film audition or something else? Get in touch with us! In addition to group acting classes and musical theatre classes, our team is able to offer you one-on-one private coaching to help you succeed in your goals!

“Viva ‘La Vie Bohème’!”

—Jonathan Larson, American composer, lyricist and playwright most famous for writing the musicals Rent and Tick, Tick…Boom!

Acting Class Musical Theater

Our acting classes and musical theatre classes are taught by experienced performers and passionate teachers.

This season, we have assembled a teaching team with various skill sets and a ton of performance experience to guide and coach our students to success. In addition to our final production, we will be offering other experiences for our participants to showcase the growth they are experiencing as a result of their acting classes and musical theatre classes. Keep an eye out for special workshops!

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