The Travelling Stage Studio


Enriching arts and culture in Durham Region through quality theatre training.

The Travelling Stage Studio provides top notch theatre training in Durham Region that aims to cultivate community,
build self-confidence and foster an appreciation for the performing arts.

Fostering arts engagement: Evolution of The Travelling Stage's theatre training program in Durham Region

Travelling Stage Durham Region was launched in 2017 as a way to create more performing arts opportunities for young people in our community. We have grown substantially since that time; so much so that we have built a full Travelling Stage studio theatre training program to service performers of all ages in Durham Region. The result was the creation of a theatre training program geared toward kids of all ages with the culminating task being a production of The Wizard of Oz. 

The Travelling Stage Studio Theatre Training throughout Durham Region

A few benefits of The Travelling Stage Studio's fully inclusive theatre training

The Travelling Stage Studio builds confidence and friendships

The Travelling Stage Studio theatre training sets Durham Region students up for success!

All Travelling Stage students who auditioned for drama and vocal regional arts school programs were accepted this past year. Thanks to quality theatre training, our students are well prepared, make good choices and have excellent theatre etiquette. We are so proud of them and what they have accomplished!

Many of our Durham Region students have also performed on professional stages (including Mirvish), TV, Film and Commercials.

Most importantly, our Durham Region students apply what they learn from their theatre training in a way that enhances academic achievement, boosts self-confidence, increases self-esteem and cultivates a sense of belonging.

The Travelling Stage Studio in Durham Region

“Don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t know how to dream.”

— Liza Minnelli, American actress, singer, dancer and choreographer

What our client says

Toni Grates, The Travelling Stage Theatre Training is Fully Inclusive

The Travelling Stage Studio is inclusive!

Auditions are not required to register for our theatre training program. We often get students in our theatre training program, who experience anxiety and self-doubt when it comes to getting up in front of others. By the end of the season, these same students are up on stage with increased self-confidence and a place they feel they can be themselves. We believe that young performers (and adults) often just need a theatre training program that holds space and believes in them. That’s usually all that’s required for them to step into their own light and shine. Our fully inclusive theatre training meets performers where they are and sets our Durham Region students up for success!

In addition to our theatre training program in Durham Region, we work in partnership with Guides of Canada, YMCA Canada, Boys and Girls Club of Canada, Jays Care Foundation, Mirvish Productions and many other organizations to enrich school curriculum and boost self-confidence through dance, drama and music education. We believe that arts education isn’t just about training young people to be professional actors, musicians, dancers or visual artists. It’s about inspiring young people to be expressive, flexible and curious; to see solutions instead of obstacles and to strengthen the ability to adapt and flow with life as it unfolds around us. This past year alone, we were able to provide programming for over 5 million students across Canada.

Capturing moments of creative expression: Our stage in frames

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